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writing instruments for 100 yen shop

Writing Instruments

Our ballpoint pens can be used for office, school, and home use. The writing instruments including a cute type allow to meet the various demands from people in all generations.

pencil for 100 yen shop


We carry crayons, pencil extenders, pencil cups, soft grip, and pencil sharpeners in addition to pencils.
Our pencils are made of cedar wood with plastic cups.

ruler for 100 yen shop

Ruler / Tape Measure

The rulers are comfortable to use and easy to line up to take measurements.
Normal tape measures and cute ones are handy, convenient to carry and very good retractable body.

idcard for 100 yen shop

ID Card Holder / Strap

Our ID card holders have a zip lock seal,
so you can keep the contents clean.
Also, our strap has a safety connector which detaches when pulled.

glue for 100 yen shop

Glue / Tape

The design for the glues is simple and it is easy to carry. We also carry compact correction tapes which can't be read through.

decorative tape for 100 yen shop

Decoration Tape

Our glitter tapes are great for adding creative accents to your books and greeting cards. These decorative tapes using cute as a motif are recommended for people who like doing crafts.

stamp for 100 yen shop


We have the stamps for protecting personal information which are stamp and roller types. Also, we sell the stamp that is adjustable for recording the date.

magnet for 100 yen shop


Our magnet products are used on advertisement display, whiteboard, art and craft. Can be easily cut with scissors and dealing with erasable magnet sheets as well.

ribbon for 100 yen shop


These ribbons are great for a variety of projects, such as gift bows, crafting, decorating, and more. Use our ribbons to add colorful accents to fabric crafts and household goods.

craft for 100 yen shop

Craft / Packing

We provide pillow boxes, pipe cleaners, pouch, and more. The cute star-shaped pillow boxes are perfect for a gift for all seasons. Provide the nice feature of storing flats.

shrink plastic sheet for 100 yen shop

Shrink plastic sheet

Suitable for making various of decorations, such as key chains, jewelry. We deal with fluorescent type too, so you can use not only in the morning but also in the night.

stationery for 100 yen shop


We sell school supplies such as functional erasers and cute paper clips in addition to office suppllies. Various Japanese stationery contributes to get the little things in life better.

About Us

Our History:

Our company is located in Tokyo and has achieved superior product development capabilities from more than 50 years of experience in the stationery industry and 20 years of overseas production history with our entrusted partner factories.
We offer the flexibility for satisfying customer demands at low cost and with consistent quality.

Our Goal:

Due to having experienced many product development projects in collaboration with a major 100-yen shop chain in Japan,
we have had extensive exchange of opinions with buyers and distributors to meet the needs of consumers, and through product development befitting the times, we will continue to create our market together with our customers.

Various Kinds of Products:

In addition to stationaries for school children,
we carry office products as well, allowing us to meet various customer needs with our wide-ranging product lineup.

For All Generaions:

Most of our stationary products have simple functions, so they are well received by a wide range of consumers.
In addition, we offer basic designs that are not biased to any specific season or customer segment, which is an added assurance for us and our business partners.

Affordable and Quick:

All of our products are on sale at retail price 100 yen in Japan.
The reason why we are able to offer the cheap prices to our customers is because we import products directly from our suppliers.
We do have our own warehouse and it does not just make us reasonable, it also makes it possible to ship products on the same day.