【7542-PMD】Oil-Based Twin Marker_D / 4P

This oil-based twin color marker can write on almost sorts of media, including paper, plastic, and other surfaces. 4 different colors assorted, mild brown, mild yellow, mild green, and mild pink in 1 packaging. The color marker features double-sided pens, offering a felt tip on one end and a fineliner on the other, maximising utility and versatility. The felt tip enables you to create bold lines, while the fineliner tip is ideal for intricate detailing. Perfect for color-coding notes, decorating bullet journals, or adding flair to your artistic creations. The oil-based twin marker is only one part product of all our products and we deal with varieties of japanese stationery, including cute stationery as well. We do the wholesale of the Japanesse right now. Please contact us to push the button below if you get interested in.