【711-CB】Ceramic Cutter with Ballpoint Pen

Not only this ceramic cutter is a tiny cutting blade that is designed to have the apperance and portability, it has 0.5mm ballpoint pen as well which means that it has the functions of 2 ways, the cutter and ballpoint pen. It fits into your pen case and is as compact as a regular pen, so you can carry it around in your pen case. The gray color and simple appearance makes it easy to get used to even when placed in a visible position. Since the extremely sharp blade is made of ceramic, it won’t rust and is durable without strong force to cut with. This ceramic cutter & ballpoint pen is only one part products of all our products and we deal with varieties of japanese stationery, including cute stationery as well. We do the wholesale of the Japanesse right now. Please contact us to push the button below if you get interested in.