【7634-MGP】Adhesive Magnetic Tape / 36 Piece

This is magnet of which size is 10mm × 30mm and is 36 pieces in 1 packaging to use a lot one time. The magnet is less likely to peel off so that this magnetic force is stronger than normal one. An easy-to-use tape-shaped magnet with adhesive tape on the back. Just cutting it off even if you don’t have scissors because this magnet is already cut. Be able to paste it simply on your favorite accessories and also it is convenient for attaching small items to steel surfaces on refrigerators and desks etc. This adhesive magnetic tape is only one part products of all our products and we deal with varieties of japanese stationery, including cute stationery as well. We do the wholesale of the Japanesse right now. Please contact us to push the button below if you get interested in.