【436-FSP】Band Clip / 4P

This band clip is 2 different types, “orange & pink” and “green & blue”, assorted in 1 box. Great for ID Holders and portable pockets.

If your skirt doesn’t have a pocket, that is when this band clip is suitable for you. Be able to attach easily your portable pockets by simply opening and closing a button because the other side of the clip has a hook.

Both the clip and the hook are rounded shape, so it is safe to use. Moreover, this band clip can be used for an accessory case to avoid bulking in your bag.

The band clip is only one part product of all our products and we deal with varieties of japanese stationery, including cute stationery as well. We do the wholesale of the Japanesse right now. Please contact us to push the button below if you get interested in.