【286-NR】ID Card Holder with Reel & Clip

Stretch reel & Clip ID Card Holder which you can store ID Card tightly without damages because this ID holder has zip-top seal. The stretch reel is able to extend maximum approximately 70cm. The reel cord pull your card towards you without having to remove the holder from your clothes. With a hook which can be replaced with ease and the hook is useful when be attached and detached. Keep your identification badge conveniently displayed with this retractable reel. Not only compact, lightweight to carry easily but also conveninent for checking staff ID etc. This ID Card Holder with Reel & Clip is only one part products of all our products and we deal with varieties of japanese stationery, including cute stationery as well. We do the wholesale of the Japanesse right now. Please contact us to push the button below if you get interested in.