October, 2020NEW

Plastic Delivery Bag October 16, 2020.

This is a polybag for the delivery which can be used for your mailings,
with products that you would like to sell at online auctions.
It has the self adhesive strip and it's easy to pack with one touch!

White outside and black inside, concealing packages from visibility.
Provides excellent protection from dirt and water during shipments.
Writable on this bag, helping to confirm what is inside:)

4 Lead & 3 Color Ballpoint Pen - 0.7mm / 3P October 9, 2020.

This is one of the most best seller ballpoint pen among all our products!
It helps you have fun expressing your thoughts with three different ink colors,
which are 2 blacks, blue, and red, a set of 3 pieces in one package.

The rubber grip allows to avoid the discomfort when holding this products.
The writing instrument has a retractable design that can switch colors easily.
Moreover, it is great for annotating or organizing your notes:)

Mini Clip Board - 102 × 82mm October 2, 2020.

This is a clip board of which size is small and made of fiberboard.
It allows you to keep things tidy such as sheets of receipts and coupons etc..
Perfect for putting a polaroid between the clip on the board as well.

This mini clip board has a hook function that is able to be taken in and out,
so it can be hung on the wall with ease while retaining its attractiveness.
This is cheap stationery which is now on sale in Japan,let's check it out!

September, 2020

Ruler Set in PP Case - Normal September 18, 2020.

4 Pieces ruler set that contains 15cm straight ruler, a protractor, and triangle rulers each which are 45 and 60-degree in PP case.
These geometry tools are lightweight, easy to carry around and handy to be put into your school bag or in your desk.

The measure of which black numbers allow you to identify accurately to be easy.
Also, the transparent and clear color makes you measure easier when you use.
Perfect for any school going kids especially, cost effective and good quality!

Semi-Hard ID Card Holder September 11, 2020.

This is a name tag holder which can be fasten in a breast pocket and easy to handle.
Perfect for attaching badge holder and it is very durable and comfortable.
Clear surface designs can clearly distinguish the name tag information.

It will also help you to easily change and avoid to forget anything.
Badge holder with strap helps in various cases such as school, festival, event, office.
Great for office worker especially, and this can be used for people in all generation!

Cable Tie / 4P September 4, 2020.

The cable tie is convenient for classifying electrical codes and so on by colors.
Set of vivid four colors that are orange, blue, pink, and green, velcro.
This cable tie can be reused many times for high cost effectiveness.

Allowing to have cable management much easier by using this cable tie.
Be able to avoid taking damages and tightening up too much.
Now on sale at 100 yen shop, so definitely check it out.

August, 2020

Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen with Clear Stone / 3P August 28, 2020.

Set of three ballpoint pens in one package featured fashionable designs.
This is a gel ballpoint pen which have a cute cap with bright and clear stone.
It is water-based black ink and body colors are each different cute designs.

Its 0.38mm tip size allows you to write comfortably and smoothly during writing.
And also no bleeding through papers all while producing black color.
It would be colorful by putting this in your pencase and is used for a present as well!

Glow Craft Shrink Plastic Sheet - 0.3mm, B6 August 21, 2020.

Let us introduce a glowing plastic shrink sheet in the dark place.
Great for using especially as keychains that glow at night or to decorate your room.
Can be used for crafts, handicrafts, and be used for children's toys as well.

Allowing you to easily make original accessories just by baking them in the oven.
Draw your favorite picture with the permanent pen or marker and cut it with scissors.
Since it shines in the dark, the range of crafts and accessories can be expanded!

Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheet August 6, 2020.

This is a self-adhesive laminating sheet.
You can cut the laminating sheet along the shape if it is not size you would like to.
Self-laminating is more safer than a laminating machine and no need time to prepare for.

The sheet is coated with a strong self-adhesive so you can easily create great lamination.
This self-adhesive laminating sheet allow you to create professional laminated things.
It is good cost performance anyway and is convenient to have, so be sure to give it a try!

July, 2020

Gold & Silver Star Shaped Pillow Box - 194 × 118mm July 31, 2020.

These pillow boxes leave nothing to be desired for small gifts and presents.
4 pieces in a package and gold and silver of 2 color assorted,total 10 pieces in a box.
The color is attractive gold and silver so you can use them to wrap gifts for your friends.

The pillow box is not only cute but cheap and also is characteristic of handmade.
Try wrapping with the pillow boxes for those who think if it's OK for small gift containers.
Can be used as they are, you can put stickers etc.,or decorate them with the attached string!

Ballpoint Pen With Pink & Yellow Highlighter / 2P July 22, 2020.

This is a pen with a highlighter on one end and a ballpoint pen on the other hand.
It has a nib size of 0.7mm, sets of 2 and highlighter colors are yellow and pink.
This is an extremely useful products for your house and school and so on:)

The pen is twist type and is also great for situations such as offices and receptions,
so it is suitable for promotional giveaways and can be used at promotional events.
Retail price is 100 yen in Japan now, it is a great deal and don't miss it!

Non Slip Ruler - 15cm July 17, 2020.

The non-slip ruler is very useful to draw and measure,and use cutters.
A non-slip strip on the bottom of the back is helpful when drawing lines.
The non-slip material prevents the ruler from moving as you use it:-)

Also,this ruler features numbers scale that you can measure from both ways.
It is good because this doesn't slide around while cutting paper with a blade.
This ruler has markings for 15cm and keep your line neat, so check it out!

Mini Correction Tape - 5mm × 4M July 10, 2020.

This is one of the most smallest sizes in the stationery industry.
It can be put in not only the pencil case but also the mini pouch.
Needless to say, it is very good and convenient to carry around!

The very small correction tape will cover a variety of errors on paper,
and also it will be dry instantly so there is no drying time needed.
The body color is transparent, it is easy to see how much tape is left:)

Soft-Grip / 2P July 3, 2020.

This can help to reduce muscle strain when taking notes in your school etc..
Pencil grips are assorted, black, blue, and red in a box, total 30 pieces.
Suitable for standard pens and allow you to write comfortably:-D

The pencil grips are made of foam rubber which is soft and squishy.
It is easy to use, just sliding on pencils, and is hard to change its shape.
Cheap price and great deal, definitely check it out and it's a must-see!

June, 2020

Flower Binder Clip - 19mm / 6P June 25, 2020.

This is a binder clip with flower design, 6 pieces in one package.
Perfect for home, school, and workplace, also being great to keep your papers.
It is a good helper to organize your desktop and be able to clean.

You can open easily and fasten materials like paper and so on.
Additionally, cool to use when you need to give a sheaf of papers to someone.
This helps provide you with adding colors and be in a good mood for your files.

Adhesive Pocket Holder - Business Card Size / 6P June 19, 2020.

We would like to recommend this, 6 pieces in one package.
Simply stick this holder on clear files and catalogs and more.
Used to attach a sort of cards like business cards to materials.

This holder allows to keep business cards in good condition,
making it easy to insert and remove ones from the pocket holder.
Protects cards without the need for laminating and staples.

Star-Shaped Highlighter / 3P June 12, 2020.

This has 3 color pieces in one package, pink, yellow, and blue.
Star-shaped highlighters are great for making your note bright.
Also,this attractive feature is the cup with flip sequins as well.

You can draw various lines such as double, thick, and thin line.
Tip is in the shape of stars, allowing to be used for the stamp too.
Now on sales at 100 yen shops in Japan, cheap price and a good deal!

Coin Tray June 5, 2020.

This is a money tray provided at the counter when you make a payment.
It enables you to count out your cash without dropping everywhere.
Can be avoided to lose track of what you are counting.

The tray prevent you from making a mistake to give incorrect change.
Also, it is easy to check whether your change is correct or not.
This is a cheap price sold at 100 yen shops, so definitely check it!

May, 2020

Light Pink & Champagne Glitter Tape - 5mm × 4M / 2P May 29, 2020.

This glitter adhesive tape is 2 assorted colors,light pink and champagne.
The tape can be used to transform ordinary items into inspirations to you.
This thin glitter tape is 5mm wide and contain approximately 4M per roll:-D

This tape is easy to stick on various surfaces,including plastics and metals.
Also, be perfect for bullet journal accessory for decorating kids craft.
Let's personalize your notebook with this decorative tape as you like!

Matte Black Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm & 3 Color Ballpoint Pen - 0.7mm May 21, 2020.

The ballpoint pen has three ink colors in one design + mechanical pencil.
This has 0.7mm ballpoint pens that is perfect for everyday writing activities.
You don't need to carry each colors ballpoint pen, allowing you to do only one!

This multi pen is useful for taking notes with mechanical pencil as well.
Also,the rubber grip provides the support and comfort when you write down.
Now on sales at 100 yen shop chains in Japan, so please check it out:D

Stick Scissors May 15, 2020.

12 pieces stick scissors in 3 different colors which is white, blue, and pink.
This has the protective cap to carry around safely in your pocket, pencil case.
The cap keeps the blades securely stowed and you can use immediately when pulled off:-D

Great for a wide variety of uses like cutting cloths, not to mention papers.
Can be used to make a scrapbook for your travel journal as well,for example.
Keep always the stick scissors in your pocket so you are able to cut with ease!

PE Zipper Bag / 32P May 8, 2020.

These zipper bags are perfect to use for packing merchandise.
There is a space to write titles for classifying according to genre.
The zipper bags allow you to keep daily necessities tidy!

6 different types zipper bags assorted, total 32 pieces in one package.
You can use them for various purpose such as organizing your documents and also it is great to put somethings in the zipper bags when going out:-)

April, 2020

Pink & Yellow Clear Stick Glue / 2P April 28, 2020.

This clear stick glue is what every household might want to have.
It is great for your kids who go to shcool and like making crafts.
Works on multiple surfaces like paper crafts, copy papers, photos and among other things:)

Also, The price is perfect for you because the cute stick glue is on sale at major 100 yen shop chains in Japan as well our another products.
Two colors in pink and yellow assorted, high recommended and let's check it out!

Cute Bear Shape Measure - 2M April 21, 2020.

The measuring tape makes it easy to measure objects, whatever at your home or office.
This is a compact size, so it's very convenient to carry and it will save space.
Also,you can use this measuring tape in the shape of cute bear for promotinal merchandise!

Can be placed in your pocket, bag, anywhere you would like to place.
This measuring tape is widely used for daily life, such as measuring your height and waist measurement etc..
It is comfortable in the hand as this measuring tape is light weight:D

Ballpoint Pen with Touch Pen - 0.5mm April 15, 2020.

The stylus pen can be smoothly used on any screens of digital products,such as your smartphone and iPad etc..
Ballpoint pen designed on the other hand,you can twist the grip of the body to extend the pen whenever you would like to write!

This stylus pen have the soft rubber tip which is great for touch screen and it can protect the screen from being scratched and get no fingerprints.
Now on sale at each 100 yen shops in Japan, so inexpensive for you:)

Slim Magnet Bar April 8, 2020.

Let us introduce our original magnet bar on sale at 100 yen shops in Japan:D
There is a grip on the body that it is easy to place on something and size is slim, so it won't take up much space!

Use the magnet bar for displaying your documents on the wall in your office.
You can place this in your home so that you can display important notes for your familiy to see or cooking recipes for yourself to cook:-)

P.P.I - Sakura Ver. Protection Stamp of Personal Information April 1, 2020.

Many Japanese people feel the spring when they see cherry blossoms in Japan.
2nd upload from Nakatoshi Inc. with our original stamp in season now.
Check out this ID theft guard stamp!

We are dealing with the stamp for protecting your personal information "Sakura" Ver..
this easily covers up any information you wish to conceal and allows you to recycle documents without shredding:)

March, 2020

Round Shape Correction Tape - 5mm × 6M March 24, 2020.

1st upload from Nakatoshi Inc. with awesome our original correction tape:D
This color is transparent and simple design style, unique structure which is round shape, so cool!

Let the concave side front and turn it right, and then the concealed tip will be emerged.
This brings convenience and is excellent at covering mistakes.
Great for students and office staffs;-)